Sunday, September 14, 2014

Build something.

In July, my significant other tried to break me down with a final blow, for words were no longer effective for him.  He tried to beat me.  He broke my body to try to break my spirit.  This is unacceptable.  Now, after having time to heal, to feel, to look, I say these things...

Adore, from the Latin adorare... to speak with love... oration, speech, to tell, these things are on my mind. "Why art? If our senses and consciousness were entirely in tune with Nature, if we could communicate and understand each other, ...then, there wouldn't be any need for art. In fact, we would all be artists, because we would all be as one." ~Words and Pictures speech. I write and create to express. It is really that simple. I adore this turn at life. I tell the world, all the time. I know how it does not measure up, this life, how things seem wicked... I have seen it all, lived a lot of it, breathed through it and bled with it. What I say to this is we are artists. Everyone. Look not at the world to find conflict. Look not at the world to find faults. Look not there. We do not travel around the world as a whole to look at what crumbled, as tourists. No one goes around visiting fault lines. We artists, we tourists, in this experience, travel to where we will see what was built. We go to see what was created, how things came together, how we come together, teams play, art is made, media blended, words strung. If you can do one thing with this day you have been given, stop noticing the fault lines, griping about the injustices, making a scene about inequities, and build something! Build your family, make something beautiful, support something broken. Teach that to your self, to your children. Teach by creating.
"Those who escape hell, however, never talk about it, never talk about it, and nothing much bothers them after that." ~Bukowski
"Drink from the well of yourself and begin, again." ~Bukowski

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Color Mind by Amy Sperry Faldet

When I closed my eyes, opened my heart, so open, that all flew out and purity came back in, I found my color mind. 

Color Mind is a term (that will be a title of one of my books) but, came to me when I was a child.  I would find after laying out in the meadow, with my eyes shut, the sunlight would affect my inner vision and send colors dancing in my eyes tucked beneath my lids so safely.  I loved the idea, as a small child, that the colors would come from my head.  Yesterday, I did a meditation with such carelessness and needlessness and let go of so many things and it was so pure that the results are showing in these two new paintings.  I am surrounded by the bliss in my mind. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love the art inside you...

"To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it." ~Ray
I have been given the opportunity to let my heart shine before.  I will always be grateful for those who have chosen to make my art or words more visible in putting my paintings in a little light!  Whether it is by having an artist like Rena Veerkamp Askey choose my words or being able to be in my favorite magazine, Somerset Studio, I love that creativity is what really is the feature when that happens.  It is not so much my art or someone else's art, it is that what is inside a person's heart is being shared in order to enhance this experience called life. 

Life is easily repetitive.  I love that sometimes.  I know where to spend my energy when I see the road before me with clarity.  
Life is easily unpredictable.  I love that sometimes.  I can assess where to shine my light. 
Art and writing for me are comparable to life.  I start a painting with a very clear palette of intention.  I call it Palette Courage.  Any color can be in Palette Courage.  This palette I use, just happens to be mine.  I find it comforting because the colors are my heart colors.  I love lime green, teal or robin's egg blue, pink, white, yellow and brown.  
The unpredictable part, the part that comes because I have made myself a silky, strong, tether, with this palette, comes next.

I don't plan.
I jump.  I show up with my gear... Modge Podge, old sheet music, vintage words, brushes, paints, paper... and I jump.
After this, I am flying with color, loving all I feel, all I see in my imagination.
This is Palette Courage.
I ask you to create your strong, silky, tether, today, whatever that may be and leap towards a love of life so deep that you can never fall to harm.  That is my wish for you, today.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

"When once you have tasted flight..."

"When once you have tasted flight you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward: for there you have been and there you will always be.”
~Henry Van Dyke
I wonder sometimes if the only thing that keeps us from flight is our fright.  I was not sure how this was going to go.  I bought a large canvas.  It is the largest I have ever tried.  I wonder sometimes if we are all just little children in different times, even as adults.  For, when you try something new, you are new in that moment.
I wanted to try a very messy mixed media with cupcake papers and lovebirds and hot air balloons at my Netherworld Circus!  I was unsure for a couple hours one morning contemplating how to begin. 
I just had to listen to myself, ask wonderful, thoughtful, people and the air and fire I needed for lift-off came to me! I am smitten.
I actually have a crush on cupcake papers, now after doing this painting!
(I think the feeling is mutual, hee hee). They made whimsical additions to a art piece that truly made me feel that love was in the air. 
I wonder if the sweet couple's embrace could have ever happened without them, for it was the cupcake papers that called to tell the story of love and celebration and all the songs of the heart.
It is uplifting to listen to your heart.
Try it.
Let it take you places you never dared to go.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The World of Kindness walks hand-in-hand with The World of Creation

The Netherworld I have created is to give to you, for I gave it to myself, first ,with being kind to myself in the face of my fears and doubts. The journey towards writing your own story of gentle strength is what I wish for you. 
I created this new beginning for myself last year at Yule and New Year in order to help myself to understand my fears and to build upon my loves, strengths, and modes of compassion to create an inner world, a world deep within.  This Netherworld I like to call it, is in all of us.  It is what is underneath.  It may be a place you need to go to when you are feeling low and want to get to the bottom of things.  It may be a place where you need to start fresh with innocence and inspiration.  I think it can be these things and so much more.  What more do we have than what is underneath?  We must understand how we create, how we explore new paths, how we can live with our choices or the events that have come to us.  But, most of all we need to “write our own faerytale.”  The circus paintings, the fairytale paintings, I create, filled with light, color, adventure, and joy are the result of understanding what I feared about the ride in front of me.  Without those fears, I would not have grown uncomfortable with my circumstance, just standing, shaking, in line.  I had to decide the trepidations were worth it as I bought my ticket to this life and decided to jump on! 

I am glad I did. 

You see, I am glad, because, I can only listen to my voice in the Netherworld.  In that creative place inside my heart, that is the only voice that matters. No one else can make me feel as though I can’t be happy.  That is always up to me.

My goal is to blur the lines between definitions of what people consider a successful life in order to create a new inner world that will bring my light and gifts to my experience.

Once upon a time, a lady of sweet spirit decided to show the sometimes cold, painful, mysterious, world, the colors of her heart.  That lady was me and the paintings I create, now, are a result of listening to myself and letting myself grow. 

Create what you like, make your life all it could be, live only to give joy and compassion and it remarkable how work becomes play, limits set by others, disappear, and perceived rejections become clear opportunities to be who you were trying to be. 

When you are on the carnival ride of life and the view seems a blur and even scary, it is time to take a breath and look within for what you want to see.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

How you see is how you will be...

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes, the whole world around you.  Because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.  Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
~Roald Dahl
I feel the healthiest choice in creating balance, positivity, and creativity, in life is to recognize how we see the world and make a decision to be clear about our thoughts.
It can feel like one is walking in the dark, at times, in our day to day lives.  I know, though, there is always, an unexpected light in the night.  We know it is not gone, we just aren't seeing it.  For many, seeing is believing, but, as the old turn around goes, I often feel that believing is seeing.  We have to be careful what thoughts we believe.  Are they blocking our path to an answer we have been seeking?
Find your light, see your might, and yes, it will turn out right. 
There are things that I do

in order


remember how to see...

I question everything... even what I think is true.

I look at beauty.

I recognize other's efforts.

I count each day as one I have the opportunity to give to myself.

I remember who I am.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Once upon a time...

"Once upon a time,
simple, wonderful, wishes
grew into
beautiful blossoms."
Art and words for you from Amy Sperry Faldet
Off to crawl into my cozy tree for a little nap, you see.
Blessings and light.